The world still relies on coal-fired power

Global reliance on coal has yet to put the brakes on. In China, the largest consumer, coal-fired power generation is now much higher than in the past five years. Demand for electricity has ballooned as […]


Landcruiser 70 back after 8 years

On November 29, Toyota relaunched the “70” series of the Landcruiser (Land Cruiser), a large SUV, in Japan. This is a classic and popular car that Toyota sold in Japan from 1984 to 2004, and […]


“Made in France” has a long way to go

Media reported on November 10, the 11th Made in France Expo held at the Porte de Versailles exhibition Center in Paris closed on Sunday, “Made in France” is strong, more than 1,000 businesses participated in […]


Japanese companies try to “get out of China” on EV materials

China to tighten graphite export regulations in December, Japan imports more than 80% of its natural graphite from China. Mitsubishi Chemical is considering cooperation with Australian companies that produce graphite in Mozambique and Norway. Japanese […]

Fumio Kishida unveils 17 trillion yen stimulus measures

The measure consists of five pillars. To protect people’s lives from the impact of high prices; Sustained increases in wages, incomes and local economic growth; Promoting domestic investment; Overcoming population decline; To ensure the safety […]


Volkswagen’s Failed Transition to Pure Electric Vehicles

Taking the falsification of fuel efficiency data as an opportunity, VW turned to rationalization countermeasures and electrification, but did not achieve significant results due to stagnation in battery procurement and software development, among other things. [...]

EF: China ranks 82nd in global English proficiency

EF Education recently released its 2023 English Proficiency Index rankings for countries and territories where English is not spoken as a first language. The survey covered 113 countries and regions, with most of the top [...]

Half of the world’s top 50 skyscrapers are in China

China overtook the United States in 2010 with the largest number of the world’s top 50 tallest buildings. Supertall buildings, known as “skyscrapers”, are a mirror of the economy, their construction reflecting the economic momentum [...]