The JPY exchange rate depreciates by 8% in 2023

In the foreign exchange market in 2023, the “excessively cheap yen” is attracting attention. The yen fell the most among major currencies, hitting a record low relative to theoretical values based on prices at home […]

The RMB overtook the JPY in global payments

The RMB’s share of global payments hit a record high in November, making it the fourth most widely used currency for the first time since early 2022, according to transaction data compiled by Swift, a […]

“Made in France” has a long way to go

Media reported on November 10, the 11th Made in France Expo held at the Porte de Versailles exhibition Center in Paris closed on Sunday, “Made in France” is strong, more than 1,000 businesses participated in […]

Vietnam’s economy suffers from four difficulties

Vietnam’s economy is facing major challenges, including weak external demand for manufacturing exports, severe power shortages, increasing external debt risks, and too much low-quality and ineffective economic expansion. What is the problem? The complex turbulence […]