Can Vietnam’s per capita GDP catch up with China in 50 years?

Vietnam is one of the most dazzling emerging economies. Many people say that Vietnam’s economy will catch up with my country’s. Vietnam’s population is less than one-fourth of my country’s, and it is now a fantasy to catch up with my country’s economic aggregate. In 2021, Vietnam’s GDP will only be 362.6 billion US dollars, and my country’s GDP will be 17.73 trillion US dollars, 48.9 times that of Vietnam. This gap is as large as Vietnam’s 50 years of development, and it will not reach my country’s GDP in 2021.

In fact, we can look at an example. In 1960, my country’s GDP was 59.7 billion US dollars, and the US GDP was 543.3 billion US dollars. The GDP of the United States is 9.1 times that of my country. It took my country 61 years to reach 77% of the U.S. GDP in 2021. During most of these 61 years, my country’s economic growth rate has far exceeded that of the U.S., which is three or four times that of the U.S. All are. Even from 1977 to 2021, the economic growth rate exceeded that of the United States for 44 consecutive years. In this way, my country has not overtaken the United States in 61 years.