China becomes Israel’s largest auto supplier in first half of the year

Data released by the Israel Automobile Importers Association recently showed that in the first half of 2024, Chinese auto brands led the Israeli auto sales market, and China became Israel’s largest auto supplier.

Data showed that from January to June this year, Chinese auto companies sold a total of 34,601 fuel and electric vehicles in Israel, followed by Korean and Japanese brands, with sales of 27,187 and 23,185 respectively.

During the same period, Chinese electric vehicles accounted for 68.31% of the Israeli electric vehicle market share, with sales of 26,803 vehicles. Chinese automaker BYD became the sales champion brand, with a total of 10,178 units of its six models sold in the Israeli market, of which ATTO 3 became Israel’s best-selling model in the first half of the year with sales of 7,265 units.

In 2023, the total sales of Chinese electric vehicles in Israel will be 29,402 units, more than double that of 2022, accounting for about 61% of the Israeli electric vehicle market.