Pak-China enterprises reach consensus on trade of disinfection supplies

SHANGHAI, Jan 22th (Gwadar Pro) – Yesterday (21th), the Yangtze River Delta International Trade Promotion Committee, and China-Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation (CEATEC) initiated an online Pak-China matchmaking meeting in the medical supplies sector.

A total of 6 government agencies and enterprises related to the medical and health industry took part in the event and shown high interest in hypochlorous acid disinfectant, an efficient advanced disinfectant recommended by the Centre for Disease Control, Shanghai (Shanghai CDC).

According to the previous report, on 2020 Nov 23th, CEATEC visited the Consulate General of Pakistan in Shanghai and met the Consul General, Hussain Haider. On the occasion, Zhao Haofang, the Secretary-general of CEATEC told the journalist of Gwadar Pro that CEATEC previously focused on the cooperation between China and Europe and did not have much contact with the Pakistani government and enterprises. But through this meeting, they really felt the good friendship between Pakistan and China, and the two sides reached a consensus on organizing urban environment promotion activities and the business connection between enterprises of the two areas.”

According to Tammie Xu, the Secretary of vice president, CEATEC, considering COVID-19 epidemic situation has become increasingly tense recently worldwide, CEATEC finally chose this disinfectant as the first product of its Pak-China matchmaking meeting. “The disinfectant, with affordable price and good quality, was developed and researched by a PhD team from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) who were involved in the whole process including designing equipment and researching products,” Tammie said, “in addition, the disinfectant is alcohol-free, safe and non-toxic, so it can be sprayed directly into the mouth.”

“Under the context of COVID-19, we hope to provide our Pakistani brothers with Chinese technologies and products through the online matchmaking meetings, to jointly conquer the epidemic. Pakistan’s high level of interest in disinfection supplies reflects the growing awareness of the Pakistani people. After the meeting, we will collect and sort out relevant information to assist enterprises of both sides in the follow-up cooperation,” she said.

Source: China Economic Net