Cultural Exchanges to create even closer Friendship between China and Pakistan

LAHORE, Jan. 22 (Gwadar Pro) – 2021 coincides with the 70thanniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan. Culture plays an important role in promoting friendship and people-to-people exchanges between the two countries. A series of activities to be held by both countries on the 70thanniversary will help promote bilateral cultural exchanges. Human-to-human contact is the foundation of a very solid relationship.

China and Pakistan are neighboring countries, the cultures of which not only have similarities, but also their own personalities and characteristics. Culture is the atmosphere of a society and a way of thinking, which is reflected in customs, clothing, language, etc.

Dr. Iqbal Chawla, Ex-Director, Pakistan Study Centre, University of Punjab said in a recent interview with Gwadar Prothat China and Pakistan are old friends who have become more and more familiar with and understand each other in the course of decades of friendly exchanges. “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has increased the frequency of exchanges between Chinese and Pakistanis. Through exchanges at work, frequent meetings and gatherings among families and groups, China-Pakistan friendship goes deep into people’s hearts, not only at the state level. People bring China and Pakistan closer through various festivals, concerts, sports activities and communication between teachers and students.”

While sharing his ideas on great potential for the joint development of tourism between China and Pakistan, Dr. Iqbar Chawla stated it would provide numerous job opportunities and strong driving capacity, which can promote all-round integrated development of various fields. “The culture of Pakistan is diverse, colorful and pluralistic because of its special history, geography, etc. The natural scenery, culture and people here are of great attraction to the people in China and even all over the world. Current government attaches great importance to the development of tourism. Cities in China also have their own unique tastes and aesthetic feelings. Different people can find their favorite scenery in variousareas and can be predicted to visit Pakistan.”

From a historical perspective, Pakistan and China have always been linked by land or sea routes. “At the beginning stage, the exchanges between both countries were mainly about the skills exchanges. As for cultural connections, especially its important components such as the education and health sectors, not much attention has been given.” Dr. Iqbar Chawla underlined that, “However, Pakistani students are going to China for further studies, including medical research in recent years. Chinese medical universities are very popular in Pakistan, but Pakistan’s recognition for Chinese medical degrees still needs to be further promoted.”

He also stressed that since China’s reform and opening up in the 1980s, China’s education system has been extraordinary stable and strong, and he expects the two countries to write more new chapters in the field of education and cultural exchanges.

Source: China Economic Net