New signed Confucius Classroom facilitates Pakistani youth to learn Chinese culture

XINXIANG, JAN 21th (Gwadar Pro) – This month, Henan Normal University (HNU), China, and Millennium Education, Pakistan, have signed an agreement online to jointly build a Confucius Classroom, the 14th Confucius Institute (Classroom) in Henan Province, to facilitate cultural exchange under CPEC.

The staff of the Millennium Education believed the new signed will provide abundant resources and great convenience for Pakistani youth to access and understand Chinese culture.

In comparison with that Confucius Institutes are only set up in universities, Confucius Classrooms are open to primary and secondary schools and other cultural and educational institutions. It means that not only college students, but also Pakistani juveniles aged between 12 and 18 have access to authentic Chinese culture, which contributes greatly to the connectivity of people in the two countries.

After many rounds of communication, HNU and Millennium Education have reached a consensus on carrying out international Chinese language education. According to a teacher of HNU, the Confucius Classroom will give full play to the professional advantages of participating institutions, base on the local characteristics and the actual demand, and provide systematic Chinese education for Pakistani youth. “The classroom will support Pakistan to improve education, train talents for CPEC construction, and promote people-to-people cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan,” she said.

Before signing the agreement with Millennium Education, HNU has already contributed to Pakistani education through the Confucius Institute jointly initiated with Sargodha University. Despite the pandemic of COVID-19, The Sargodha University Confucius Institute was signed on April 13th 2020. On the next day, Sargodha University received a batch of medical supplies donated by HNU.

Source: China Economic Net