Athens hopes EU-Turkey talks ease border tension

Amid wider efforts to handle the novel coronavirus outbreak, Greece hopes talks between the European Union and Turkey could help ease its border crisis, which followed a decision by Ankara to “open the gates” to […]


UK must wait for financial services decision

Bloc will not grant London’s request for matter to be resolved by June 30 The future of the United Kingdom’s world-class financial services sector, which is centered on the City of London, will hang in […]


Britain’s Houses of Parliament close door to tourists

Britain’s Houses of Parliament were closed to visitors and tourists on Monday because of the coronavirus outbreak. A limited shutdown will continue until further notice and will affect thousands of sightseers and overseas visitors who […]


Japan insists Olympics still on track

Confidence expressed against backdrop of IOC emergency talks Even as the novel coronavirus spreads rapidly around the world, Japan insists the Olympic Games will go ahead in Tokyo this summer. Boosting the confidence of Japanese […]


China pledges international pandemic aid

Producers of medical goods urged to meet demand from affected countries China has pledged to do its best to offer aid to countries and international organizations affected by COVID-19 to help contain the outbreak, and […]


Mother and daughter share life in lockdown

Two women among 60 million in Italy living under restricted movement rule Kate Nicholls’ apartment in Trastevere, a colorful neighborhood just south of the Vatican City in Rome, is not a bad place to be […]